I had to write about how excited I am for this upcoming 2017 landscape season. Going into my 21st season doing what I love is amazing, this business tends to wear people out but I have managed to keep moving forward. Its hard work and its truly a very skilled profession that doesn’t receive the credit it deserves in most peoples eyes.

From working in the city most of my life on very expensive homes on projects that I’m really proud of. Then coming to the Bow Valley to work on beautiful homes in one of the most amazing places to live in the world, I’m truly blessed. This season I’m going to create the best landscaping of my life. My hunger to be the best landscaper and produce the best landscaping is my why, I love landscaping.

I’ve never written a blog but I will be from now on, my plan is to post as much useful information as possible and try to further the landscape industry in the best way I can through information and dedication to my craft.